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Color Blocks

Color blocking is a timeless trend you wear and goes with every outfit, making it simple to experiment with daily.


Geometrics are among the most attractive design types, providing artistic balance and simplicity.

Organic Blobs

Blobs are famous, and we identified many methods to incorporate the shape-free trend into any environment.

Vintage Tiles

Tiles have unique textures and are colorful. They're out there for centries, just long-lasting and attractive.

Argyle Checks

Check patterns are bold and eye-catching, and keep coming back on trends. Shapes of sizes and colors never fail.

Polka Dots

Polka dots may appear repetitive and limited, but it's pretty adaptable and may be utilized for numerous applications.


Animal prints add a wild flair to your home or attire. Bold stripes or blobs bring edginess to your outfit.


Add elegance to your home or clothes with stripes. These timeless, linear designs are perfect for elevating your aesthetic.


Add a preppy style with checkered patterns. Mix and match these timeless squares to create your style.

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