The Best Gifts For Swimmers They'll Love

The Best Gifts For Swimmers They’ll Love

Are you stumped trying to find the perfect gift for the swimmer in your life? The fact is that swimmers often have specific needs and preferences regarding their gear and accessories.

To help ease your dilemma, we’ve curated a list of the best gifts for swimmers they’ll not just need but also absolutely love! Hold your breath as we dive into these thoughtful, practical, and even unique gift ideas that will make any swimming enthusiast’s day.

Key Takeaways

  • DragSox, Finis Stability Snorkel, TYR Socket Rocket goggles, YourSwimBook: The Ultimate Logbook for Swimmers, StretchCordz with Paddles, and Mental training for swimmers made simple are great gifts for competitive swimmers.
  • Beginner swimmers will appreciate swimwear, foam rollers and recovery gear, energy bars and gels, Garmin Swim 2 Watch, swimming resistance bands and stretch cords, and general swim training equipment as gifts.
  • Outdoor swimmers will love wetsuits to keep them warm in colder water temperatures. Anti-fog goggle spray keeps their vision clear. Swim parkas keep them cozy before and after swims. Swimmer shampoo and conditioner help remove chlorine from their hair.
  • There are plenty of gift options for all types of swimmers – competitive or beginner – so you can find the perfect gift they’ll love!

Gifts for Competitive Swimmers

Competitive swimmers will appreciate gifts like DragSox, Finis Stability Snorkel, TYR Socket Rocket goggles, YourSwimBook: The Ultimate Logbook for Swimmers, StretchCordz with Paddles, and Mental training for swimmers made simple.

Swim Training and Equipment


DragSox makes an excellent gift for swimmers. They are worn on the feet and work like fins, but instead of adding speed, they add resistance. This makes it harder to swim but helps build leg strength.

DragSox is used by top athletes all over the world in their training because it boosts their power in the water. They fit any size foot, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right size when giving them as gifts! Any serious swimmer will love having DragSox as part of their gear.

Finis Stability Snorkel

The Finis Stability Snorkel is an excellent gift for swimmers who want to improve their technique and build strength in the water. This snorkel is specially designed to help swimmers focus on their body position and balance without turning their heads to breathe.

It features a comfortable mouthpiece and an adjustable head bracket for a secure fit. With the Finis Stability Snorkel, swimmers can work on their stroke efficiency and core stability, making it an essential training tool for both beginner and experienced swimmers.

StretchCordz with Paddles

StretchCordz with Paddles is an excellent gift for swimmers who want to improve their strength and endurance. These resistance bands come with paddles that attach to your hands, providing resistance as you swim.

They help swimmers build muscle and increase their power in the water. StretchCordz with Paddles can be used for various swimming drills and exercises, making them a versatile training tool.

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or enjoy swimming as a hobby, these resistance bands will enhance your workout and help you become a stronger swimmer.

Swim Accessories and Mental Training

TYR Socket Rocket goggles

The TYR Socket Rocket goggles are an excellent gift for swimmers. These goggles are designed to provide a comfortable fit and clear vision in the water. They have a low-profile design and adjustable straps, making them suitable for adults and children.

The TYR Socket Rocket goggles also offer UV protection, essential for swimmers who spend long hours training in the sun. With their durable construction and anti-fog lenses, these goggles are sure to be appreciated by any swimmer.

Whether for competitive swimming or leisurely laps in the pool, the TYR Socket Rocket goggles make an excellent gift choice.

YourSwimBook: The Ultimate Logbook for Swimmers

YourSwimBook is the perfect gift for swimmers who want to track their progress and set goals. It’s a comprehensive logbook designed specifically for swimmers, allowing them to record their workouts, times, and personal bests.

With sections dedicated to goal setting, mental preparation, and race planning, it helps swimmers stay focused and motivated. YourSwimBook also includes tips on nutrition, recovery strategies, and technique improvement.

It’s an excellent tool for both competitive swimmers looking to shave off those precious seconds and beginners hoping to improve their skills in the pool.

Mental training for swimmers made simple

Mental training is an essential aspect of swimming, and there are gift options that can help swimmers improve their mental game. For example, YourSwimBook: The Ultimate Logbook for Swimmers is a great tool to track progress and set goals.

It provides a space to reflect on each swim session and helps with motivation. Another option is the FINIS Tempo Trainer, which allows swimmers to maintain a consistent pace during training by providing audible beeps at set intervals.

These gifts can make mental training simple and effective for swimmers of all levels.

Gifts for Beginner Swimmers

  • Swimwear: Choose a stylish and comfortable swimsuit that beginner swimmers will love.
  • Foam Rollers and Recovery Gear: Help them recover with foam rollers and other recovery gear after intense swimming sessions.
  • Energy Bars, Gels, and Recovery Shakes: Fuel their workouts with energy bars, gels, and recovery shakes designed specifically for swimmers.
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch: Keep track of your progress in the pool with this waterproof fitness tracker.
  • Swimming Resistance Bands and Stretch Cords: Help them build strength and improve their swim technique with resistance bands and stretch cords.
  • General Swim Training Equipment: From kickboards to pull buoys, provide them with essential training tools to enhance their skills in the water.

Swim Gear and Nutrition


Swimwear is an essential gift for beginner swimmers. Whether it’s a one-piece suit for women or trunks for men, having the right swimwear can make all the difference in comfort and performance.

Look for swimwear made of quality materials and an excellent fit to ensure optimal movement in the water. Additionally, consider getting swim caps and goggles to complete the swimming ensemble.

These accessories protect hair and eyes and enhance the swimming experience by reducing drag in the water and providing clear vision. Overall, swimwear is a practical and thoughtful gift choice for swimmers of all levels.

Energy Bars, Gels, and Recovery Shakes

You can’t go wrong with energy bars, gels, and recovery shakes as gifts for swimmers. These snacks and drinks are designed to provide the right balance of nutrients to fuel their workouts and help them recover faster.

Energy bars are convenient and portable, making them perfect for on-the-go refueling. Gels are quick to digest and can be consumed during longer swim sessions or races for an extra energy boost.

Recovery shakes contain protein and carbohydrates to replenish muscles after intense training sessions. These tasty treats will keep your swimming friends feeling energized and ready to hit the pool! So why not add some energy bars, gels, or recovery shakes to your gift list?

Garmin Swim 2 Watch

The Garmin Swim 2 Watch is a great gift idea for swimmers. It is a waterproof fitness tracker that can track your swimming distance, pace, stroke count and even detect which stroke you are doing.

The watch also has built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring and can track other activities like running and cycling. With the Garmin Swim 2 Watch, swimmers can easily track their workouts and progress.

It’s a practical and functional gift that any swimmer would love to have.

Training and Recovery

Foam Rollers and Recovery Gear

Foam rollers and recovery gear are essential for swimmers to help their muscles recover after intense workouts. Foam rollers are used for self-myofascial release, which helps to reduce muscle soreness and increase flexibility.

They can be used on various body parts, such as the legs, back, and arms. Recovery gear like compression sleeves or socks can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

These items are great gifts for swimmers who want to care for their bodies and enhance their performance in the water.

Swimming Resistance Bands and Stretch Cords

Swimming resistance bands and stretch cords make great gifts for swimmers of all levels. These tools are designed to provide resistance while swimming, helping to build strength and improve technique.

Whether used for dryland training or in the water, these bands and cords can help swimmers take their performance to the next level. They are also portable and easy to use, making them convenient for swimmers who travel frequently or want to work out at home.

With various options available on the market, there is something suitable for every swimmer’s needs and preferences.

General Swim Training Equipment

Swim training equipment is a great gift option for swimmers who want to improve their skills in the water. This can include items like swim caps, goggles, and swim fins. Swim caps help reduce drag in the water and keep hair out of the face.

Goggles protect swimmers’ eyes from chlorine and provide clear vision underwater. Swim fins are used to strengthen leg muscles and improve kicking technique. Other general swim training tools like kickboards, pull buoys, and hand paddles can enhance different aspects of a swimmer’s training routine.

These gifts are practical and essential for any swimming enthusiast looking to take their performance to the next level.

Gifts for Outdoor Swimmers

For outdoor swimmers, there are several essential gifts to enhance their experience. From wetsuits and anti-fog goggles spray to swim parkas and bags, these gifts will make their outdoor swimming adventures more enjoyable.

Discover the perfect gift for the outdoor swimmer in your life and help them dive into a world of aquatic bliss.

Swim Gear and Accessories


A wetsuit is an excellent gift for outdoor swimmers. It helps keep them warm and comfortable while swimming in colder water temperatures. Wetsuits are designed to insulate the body by trapping a thin layer of water between the suit and the skin, which then warms up from body heat.

This extra insulation layer allows swimmers to stay in the water longer without feeling too cold. Wetsuits also provide buoyancy, making it easier for swimmers to stay afloat and maintain proper form in the water.

Whether they’re training or just enjoying a swim at the beach, a high-quality wetsuit will be greatly appreciated by any outdoor swimmer.

Anti-Fog Goggle Spray

Keep swimmer’s goggles clear and fog-free with Anti-Fog Goggle Spray. This helpful gift helps swimmers maintain clear vision while in the water, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

With easy application, this spray creates a protective barrier on the goggles’ lenses, preventing fog from forming. Swimmers will appreciate this practical gift that allows them to focus on their strokes without worrying about foggy goggles.

Swimming Bags

Swimming bags make great gifts for swimmers because they provide a convenient way to carry all their gear to and from the pool. These bags are designed specifically for swimmers, with compartments and pockets to keep everything organized.

They are made from waterproof materials, so swimmers can toss their wet swimsuits and towels in without worrying about them leaking or getting damaged. Swimming bags come in various sizes and styles, from backpacks to duffel bags, allowing swimmers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

This practical gift is something that every swimmer will find helpful in carrying their goggles, swim caps, towels, and other swimming accessories easily.

Swim Apparel and Care

Swim Parka

A swim parka is a perfect gift for swimmers who love the outdoors. It’s a thick and cozy jacket designed for swimmers to wear before and after their swims. Its water-resistant material helps keep swimmers warm and dry during cold weather or when they must wait between races.

The swim parka also has a spacious hood that can be adjusted to provide extra protection from wind and rain. It even comes with pockets, making it convenient for swimmers to store their essentials like goggles or towels.

So, if you’re looking for a practical and thoughtful gift idea for your swimmer friends, family, or coworkers, a swim parka is worth considering!

Swimmer Shampoo and Conditioner

Swimmer Shampoo and Conditioner are great gifts for swimmers because they’re formulated to remove chlorine and other chemicals from the hair. After spending time in the pool, swimmers often struggle with dry and damaged hair due to prolonged exposure to chlorine.

Swimmer Shampoo and Conditioner help restore moisture, nourish the hair, and keep it healthy. These products also have a pleasant scent that helps eliminate any lingering chlorine smell.

With Swimmer Shampoo and Conditioner, swimmers can enjoy clean, soft, and manageable hair after swimming.

Fin Socks

Fin socks are a great gift idea for outdoor swimmers. These socks are designed to be worn with swim fins to provide extra comfort and protection while swimming. They help prevent blisters and chafing from prolonged use of swim fins.

Fin socks are made from neoprene, a durable material that provides insulation in cold water. They come in different thicknesses so that you can choose the right level of warmth for the swimmer.

Fin socks make a practical and thoughtful gift for any outdoor swimmer, whether for open-water swimming or training sessions in cooler temperatures.

Gifts for Kids Swimmers

Get your little swimmers excited with these fun and functional gifts, including funny swimsuits, hairdryers, swimmer’s buoys, swimmers’ backpacks, and strength training tools.

Swim Apparel and Accessories

Funny swimsuit

Looking for a gift that will make your swimmer friend, family member, or coworker laugh? A funny swimsuit could be the perfect choice! Whether it’s a swimsuit with a hilarious print or a humorous message, this gift will bring joy to their next swimming session.

It’s a lighthearted and playful option they can wear at the pool or beach. Plus, it shows that you appreciate their sense of humor and want them to have fun while doing what they love.

So why not add laughter to their swimwear collection with a funny swimsuit?

Swimsuits for kids

Swimsuits for kids are great gifts for young swimmers. They come in different styles and designs, making swimming fun and enjoyable for children. There are plenty of options, whether it’s a cute animal print or their favorite cartoon character.

Swimsuits for kids also provide comfort and protection while in the water. They are made with quickly dry materials and offer UV protection to protect their delicate skin from the sun.

With swimsuits designed specifically for kids, they can splash around and have a great time in the pool or at the beach.

Swimmers’ backpack

Swimmers’ backpacks are excellent gifts for swimmers who need a convenient and practical way to carry their gear. These backpacks are designed specifically for swimmers, with compartments and pockets to hold goggles, swim caps, towels, and other essentials.

They are made from durable materials that can withstand exposure to water and chlorine. Many swimmer’s backpacks also have wet/dry compartments to separate wet items from dry ones.

With a swimmers’ backpack, your friends or family members can easily transport everything they need for their swimming sessions in one organized bag.

Swim Gear and Training


One unique gift idea for swimmers is the Eardryer. This device helps to dry out water trapped in the ears after swimming, reducing the risk of ear infections. It uses gentle, warm air to evaporate moisture from the ear canal, providing quick and effective relief.

The Eardryer is a practical and thoughtful gift for swimmers who frequently struggle with waterlogged ears.

Swimmers buoy

A swimmer’s buoy is a valuable and practical gift for swimmers of all levels. It’s a floating device that attaches to the waist, allowing swimmers to stay afloat while they rest or take breaks during their swim sessions.

The buoy helps improve safety in open water swims by making the swimmer more visible to others, such as boaters or lifeguards. It also provides extra buoyancy, which can help build strength and endurance in the water.

Swimmers buoys are lightweight, easy to use, and come in various sizes and designs. They are a great gift option for swimmers who enjoy exploring open water or want an added sense of security while they swim.

Swimmers strength training tool

Swimmers strength training tools are great gifts for swimmers who want to improve their performance in the water. These tools help swimmers build muscle and increase their strength, leading to swim times faster.

Some popular options include pull buoys, resistance bands, and hand paddles. Pull buoys are floatation devices that go between a swimmer’s legs, forcing them to rely solely on their upper body strength to move through the water.

Resistance bands provide added resistance during swimming motions, helping to strengthen muscles and improve technique. Hand paddles attach to a swimmer’s hands and increase resistance as they pull through the water, building arm and shoulder strength.

Unique Gifts for Swimmers

Finis Smart Goggles provide swimmers with real-time data, making it a unique gift that enhances their training experience.

Swim Gadgets and Accessories

Finis Smart Goggles

The Finis Smart Goggles are a high-tech gift option for swimmers who love technology. These goggles allow swimmers to see real-time performance metrics with a heads-up display, including pace, distance, and stroke rate.

They also have an integrated heart rate monitor, so swimmers can track their exertion levels while swimming. The goggles can be synced to a smartphone app, where swimmers can analyze their data and set goals for improvement.

With the Finis Smart Goggles, swimmers can take their training to the next level and stay motivated by seeing their progress right before their eyes.

FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 player

The FINIS Duo, an Underwater MP3 player, is a fantastic gift for swimmers who love listening to music while they swim. This waterproof MP3 player clips onto goggles, allowing swimmers to enjoy their favorite tunes without worrying about getting wet.

It has 4GB of storage and can hold up to 1,000 songs, providing hours of entertainment during swim sessions. The device uses bone conduction technology, transmitting sound vibrations directly into the inner ear through the cheekbones, ensuring clear underwater audio.

With its easy-to-use buttons and simple interface, swimmers can effortlessly control their music playlists while focusing on their strokes in the pool or open water. Whether swimming laps or training for a competition, the FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 player is a unique and practical gift that will make any swimmer’s experience more enjoyable.

FINIS Tempo Trainer

The FINIS Tempo Trainer is a great gift idea for swimmers who want to improve their performance and pacing. This small, waterproof device can be clipped onto swim goggles or placed under a swim cap.

It emits an audible beep that swimmers can hear while they swim, helping them maintain a consistent stroke rate or tempo. The Tempo Trainer is adjustable and allows swimmers to set their desired pace.

It’s perfect for both beginners learning to find their rhythm in the water and advanced swimmers who want to fine-tune their technique. With the FINIS Tempo Trainer, swimmers can enhance their training sessions and reach new levels of speed and efficiency in the pool.

Poolside Comfort and Essentials

Pool-Side Flip-Flops

Pool-side flip-flops are a practical and stylish gift idea for swimmers. These comfortable sandals are perfect for wearing around the pool deck or at the beach. They have non-slip soles, which provide traction on wet surfaces, making them safe to wear around water.

Pool-side flip-flops also dry quickly and are easy to clean, making them convenient for swimmers who spend a lot of time in and out of the water. Whether they’re used as shower shoes or casual footwear after a swim, poolside flip-flops are a great gift that any swimmer will appreciate.

Swim Branded Water Bottle

A swim-branded water bottle is a practical and thoughtful gift for swimmers. Staying hydrated is essential during swimming sessions, and having their water bottle makes it convenient for them to quench their thirst.

These bottles are usually designed with features specifically for swimmers, such as being leak-proof and easy to grip even when wet. They often come in vibrant colors or sporty designs, making them functional and stylish.

Swimmers can bring their personalized water bottle to the pool or take it with them on outdoor swims, ensuring they stay hydrated.


A monofin is a great gift for swimmers who want to improve their underwater propulsion. It’s a single, large fin that fits both feet and provides powerful kicks in the water. With a monofin, swimmers can work on their leg strength, body position, and dolphin kick technique.

This type of fin is especially popular among competitive swimmers and mermaid enthusiasts. It’s an exciting and unique gift idea that will bring joy to any swimmer looking to enhance their swimming abilities in a fun and challenging way.

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In conclusion, there are plenty of great gift options, whether you’re shopping for competitive swimmers, beginners, outdoor enthusiasts, or kids. From practical gear like swimwear and goggles to unique items like smart goggles and underwater MP3 players, you’ll find something that any swimmer will love.

So, surprise your swimmer friends, family members, or coworkers with a gift that shows you understand their passion for the water. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and enjoy using their new swim gear or accessories in their next swimming adventure!

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  1. What are some great gifts for swimmers?

Some great gifts for swimmers include waterproof headphones, swim caps, goggles, or a waterproof fitness tracker.

  1. Are there any gift options specifically for beginner swimmers?

Several gift options are specifically designed for beginner swimmers, such as kickboards, flotation devices, or swimming lessons.

  1. Can you recommend any affordable gifts for swimmers?

Affordable gift options for swimmers include swim towels, water bottles with a built-in filter, or swim gear bags.

  1. Is there a recommended brand of swimming gear to consider when choosing a gift?

Many reputable brands, such as Speedo, TYR, and Arena, offer high-quality swimming gear. It’s best to choose based on individual preferences and needs.

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